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About us

Firma Bancom

działa od 1996 roku jako jedno z pierwszych
zewnętrznych call center i jest jednym z liderów
polskiego rynku telemarketingowego.

Bancom is an organization that, thanks to several years of experience sets standards of quality measures on the Polish Call Center market. To accomplish the tasks we have obtained the latest information and communication technologies. However, the measure of success in a challenging market is always customer satisfaction. It is therefore important for us to trust in the ever-growing base of customers, some of which are local brands as well as those of global proportions as Microsoft, L'Oreal, Sony, Volvo and IBM.

Bancom, drawing on years of experience, guarantees the highest quality telemarketing services.

We specialize in inbound and outbound telephone service in the promotion, information events and competitions. The helpline service accepts orders and complaints, thereby contributing to an increase in consumer confidence in brands of our clients.

We also carry out outbound telemarketing campaigns, including sales, generate leads, updating and verification of databases, surveys, telephone surveys and many other proposed projects together with the customer. Our strength is also an experienced and constantly lifting their competence to staff: a team of trained telemarketers and a team of highly qualified managers, proven in more than two thousand projects completed.

The contact center at our clients’ disposal has a modern telecommunications platform with several positions and inbound and outbound systems for a smooth and efficient operation of telemarketing campaigns. We have specialized and efficient tools for e-mail, fax and web applications, or short text information.


Bancom is one of the leaders on the Polish market for telemarketing. Continuous and rapid development since 1996, gives us the position of a stable and experienced partner in the call center market.
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Currently, the trust of our customers and the enthusiastic testimonials of our activities enable us to attract new and interesting projects, servicing of which provides us with a lot of unconventional challenges. We work effectively and with high efficiency in carrying out annually approximately 15 major competitions and promotions, and nearly 50 complex telemarketing projects.

As an active player in the call center business Bancom is also involved in the activities of standard-setting bodies in the interest of the industry. We are active members of the Direct Marketing Association (SMB), thus we participate in identifying, planning and problem regulating process, we establish and promote global standards of operation and we care about the high level of services in the industry. We actively participate in the platform for the exchange of experience in the association, which allows us to better recognize the expectations of increasingly demanding customers.

Through the requirements implementation of the Code of Ethics of the Direct Marketing Association (SMB) we want to be a reliable company in the eyes of customers providing services at the highest global level.


Continuous and rapid development since 1996, gives us the position of a stable and experienced partner in the call center market. Each year we accomplish approximately 15 major competitions and promotions, and nearly 50 complex telemarketing projects.
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Our staff is characterized by stability and long experience in carrying out the difficult and complex telemarketing projects and other projects in the wider area of direct marketing.

Interesting experience was developed in the external and internal centers, as well as telemarketing and advertising agencies.


With technologically advanced communications platforms, and years of experience of our consultants, we render a customer available literally at your fingertips. We gather a well-selected and high quality information necessary for effective planning of marketing activities in the companies of our customers. We collect data that can be used by the company to increase the effectiveness of promotional activities, as well as building new distribution channels.
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We optimize the costs of acquiring new contracts and, thanks to our campaigns, brand awareness and consumer loyalty are increasing.

Information and promotional campaigns

We efficiently reach a selected group of information and promotional campaigns recipients. Owing to special care in adjusting the base to the sociometric criteria required by the campaign project we are certain that the message goes only on fertile ground, resulting in the desired increase in all indicators expected by our client.

Case study 1

One of the most interesting projects we realized was carrying out a complex campaign for the open wandering event, a series of special events under a famous brand. The first phase of our work was to prepare a carefully selected base according to personal and geographic criteria. In a follow-up we performed more than 75 000 calls, as a result we called over 60 000 people, successfully inviting personally 48 000 people to participate in the event. Without disclosing the name of the client, we conducted a survey of purchasing preferences of a given product segment. Afterwards, we executed shipment of samples only to those who have pledged to buy the direct competition products.
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As expected, the campaign went smoothly and the results obtained significantly contributed to increased sales volume in the client’s company. The project used the following tools: active outbound telemarketing, CATI, hotline, CRM - database management, SMS communication, dispatch (sampling).

1 Telesales

We offer comprehensive campaigns carried out since finding the customer, until the closing of the contract. We present particularly high level of sales competence in projects for the pharmaceutical industry, automotive industry and new technologies.

2 Business appointments

We have extensive experience in effective sales support activities. We initiate business meetings for your representatives, optimizing all the resources needed to acquire new customers. During a telephone conversation we present your offer in an attractive way, then we suggest next stage - meeting - arrange a specific date or meeting time. Owing to this, your representatives can be assured that they personally reach the people and organizations interested in the product, which measurably increases the effectiveness of sales.

3 Lead generation

Lead generation in telemarketing campaigns is the acquisition of contacts, potential clients and business partners. Posting of promotional materials, samples, such as proposals for consultation or a test drive, visits to showrooms. The caller declares its willingness to familiarize himself with the proposal of the supplier. Big attraction of these data is characterized by freshness, so the information is reported to the client on-line or in daily intervals. Business contacts obtained in this way usually show the highest efficiency of sales.

4 Telephone interviews

We understand that the information on market needs and customer expectations is the most important resource in our partner organizations. Therefore, market research and analysis of customer satisfaction is an important part of our offer. In our research projects we use all available communication channels such as telephone, fax and e-mail. Thereby, we increase the likelihood of success of reaching the planned target group.

5 Databases

Responsibility and professionalism of our consultants make a comprehensive database support one of the most valued products. The dedicated services data collections we create and record data in the office of the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection. We collect and update information contained in records, databases, and process it in a selected database of specific target groups.

6 Helpline

Through our helpline service we run on behalf of a client consumer, commercial and technical service. We provide helpline service by means of free, paid or partially paid contact numbers. The advantage of the proposed solutions is to optimize costs in relation to expected outcomes.

7 Servicing lotteries, contests and promotions

Our delivery always fulfill clients’ expectations. We send competition awards, letters, advertising materials, product samples, and merchandise - in one word, everything that supports the effectiveness of marketing campaigns of a client. By conducting projects of direct mailing we offer our clients:

  • lettershop - comprehensive preparation of advertising material for shipment in the marketing campaign,
  • personalized items,
  • presentation - multi inserting,
  • post-delivery to the postal facility or transfer of any courier company,
  • fulfillment - entrusted goods warehousing and order fulfillment - packing and address shipping on request.

Thus comprehensive shipping services include all the steps necessary to effectively reach the recipient. The whole process is conducted in a timely manner and with due diligence, starting with database management, through selective packaging of multi element shipments, dispatch of consignments, product return service up to taking orders, warehousing, inventory control and finishing with reporting.


Oferujemy kompleksowe kampanie realizowane od momentu znalezienia klienta, aż do finalizacji zamówienia.


Marketing bezpośredni

Kampanie w czasie rzeczywistym stanowią doskonałą szansę na szybkie osiągnięcie dodatkowych zysków przy poniesieniu stosunkowo niewysokich nakładów finansowych na ich wdrożenie.

Bazy danych

Odpowiedzialność i profesjonalizm naszych konsultantów sprawiają, że kompleksowa obsługa baz danych jest jednym z najbardziej cenionych produktów firmy.